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Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Do You Have A Case?

When a loved one has suffered an unexpected death due to the negligence or willful misconduct of another person, it can leave you in a complicated and taxing legal circumstance. As emotional as it is, investigating the responsible party(ies) associated with the loss such as medical expenses, funeral costs, future financial support, loss of companionship, and lost benefits of the victim (medical insurance, pension, 401k, etc.) – can come with many difficulties. It’s critical that you speak with an accomplished wrongful death lawyer to determine if you have a case and get the money you deserve.

Most Common Causes Of Wrongful Death

  • Vehicle Accidents – Distracted drivers, drunk or impaired drivers, aggressive drivers, road construction and pedestrian fatalities
  • Medical Malpractice – Prescription error, misdiagnosis, emergency room error, surgical injury, delayed diagnosis, or even a medical equipment malfunction
  • Product Liability – Faulty design, defective manufacturing process, or failure to warn
  • Work-Related Accidents – Any death that occurs in the workplace as a result of company negligence

What You Need To Know

Should I Contact A Lawyer?

Find out if you have a wrongful death claim by answering the questions below:

  • Was there a vehicle accident where the victim was not at fault that caused the unexpected death?
  • Did a construction accident lead to victim’s death?
  • Did a faulty device, product, vehicle equipment or work-related tool cause the victim’s death?
  • Was there inadequate warning signs regarding road hazards and work-related incidents that caused the accident?
  • During a hospital visit, did the victim undergo surgery or receive medical attention resulting in death?
  • Was the victim taking or prescribed medication that resulted in an unforeseen death?

Important: Time Limit to File Injury Claim

State law limits how long you have after an injury occurs until you file an injury claim. If you’ve been hurt in an accident or due to negligence, it’s critical you speak to a local personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, to see if you have a claim and can get money for your injuries, lost income, and medical bills.

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