Bitten by a Dog? Take These Steps

Things To Consider

Many people believe they have no recourse when they are attacked by a dog. However, many dog bites are the result of negligent behavior by the animal’s owner. If the pet owner acted irresponsibly and their action or inaction caused you to be injured, you may very well have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. You should consult a dog bite lawyer for a free case evaluation to see if you may be due a substantial amount of money.

Steps To Take After Bitten By A Dog

  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Collect information on owner and breed of animal is useful when determining liability
  • Go to the doctor or emergency room if necessary
  • Speak to any eye witnesses who were present at the time of your dog bite (Be sure to grab their contact information)
  • Gather insurance information or any other useful information from the owner
  • Follow the doctors orders (Take the medication given to you as directed and adhere to any other medical advice or direction given to you)
  • Do not discuss liability with the owner and/or with the insurance company
  • Contact an injury lawyer to discuss next steps

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