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Helping Injury Victims Since 1983

The Lawyers Group is the nation’s leading marketing service of its kind. For over 30 years, we have helped connect injury victims with local lawyers in their area. There is no cost or obligation for the service we provide.

If you are injured anywhere in the United States and need immediate legal advice, we can help. We have an established network of local accident injury lawyers that handle every type of injury case including:

How The Lawyers Group Works

If you are a victim of an injury, have questions about pursuing a legal case, or need immediate help, we can quickly connect you with a local accident injury attorney in your area.

Our established network of experienced injury lawyers can handle every type of injury case. If you or a loved one get hurt in an accident or through negligence of someone else, and you need legal help immediately or have legal questions, The Lawyers Group can put you in touch with the right lawyer.  Simply call us toll-free at 1-800-948-1080 or complete the form above. A lawyer in your area will then assess the validity of your case. There is no cost or obligation for contacting us.

Once you file a lawsuit, the lawyer’s expertise in settlement strategy, courtroom tactics and more will be crucial in getting the money you deserve.

Helping Injury Victims Since 1983

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