Dog Bite And Attack: Why You Should Hire A Lawyer

Dog Bite Statistics

Over four million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. every year. The Centers for Disease Control report that over 800,000 people seek treatment for dog bites each year in the United States. While some bites are superficial, tens of thousands of victims receive bites so severe they must undergo reconstructive surgery. In these cases, a dog bite lawyer can help victims recover money for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. “Man’s Best Friend” is America’s most popular household pet. Of the 70 million dogs in the U.S., the overwhelming majority are docile, friendly, and safe companions. But dogs are powerful animals, with sharp fangs and strong jaws capable of causing painful, debilitating injuries. If you have suffered due to a dog bite or an attack, consulting with a injury lawyer can be the difference of getting the money you deserve for you injuries.


What You Need To Know

Some dog bites can be very serious, resulting in severe pain, permanent scarring, soft tissue damage, nerve damage, infection, and the need for surgery. An injury lawyer can get your current and future medical bills covered, pain and suffering, physical and emotion trauma and replacement of lost wages if you were out of work to recover from the attack.

Cost of Hiring A Lawyer

In most dog bite cases, it could prove more costly not to hire a dog bite lawyer. Proving these cases is complex, requiring an expert to win the day. Numerous studies show that dog bite victims who hire personal injury attorneys generally receive much higher settlements than those who don’t, even after paying the dog bite attorney for services rendered. Another piece of good news: the vast majority of injury lawyers take cases on a contingency basis. Under these agreements, the dog bite attorney takes a percentage of the funds they win for you after they collect for your case. This saves you upfront costs, and if he doesn’t win, often you won’t owe the dog bite lawyer a dime. You have nothing to lose, and your settlement or award to gain.

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